Featured on Crossing the 180 ~ A Filmmakers Podcast

Friday, May 25th, 2012 at 9:40am - Personal

 Recently I had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed by Ron Dawson for his Crossing The 180 podcast.  Its a great podcast dedicated to getting to know film makers in a deeper way, beyond all the gear and tech talk (although there´s plenty of that too).  I´ve actually been listening to Ron´s podcasts since he started his first one, F Stop Beyond.  I´ve secretly always wanted to be on one of his podcasts, so when Ron got in touch recently wanting to interview me, I was thrilled.

We talk about all kinds of stuff from what got me started in photography, to how I transitioned into film making, and what led me to create my recent viral video "Yosemite Range of Light".  I actually hired Ron to create some promo videos for me a couple of years ago, I love his work.  I´ve included below both my recent "Yosemite Range of Light" video which inpsired Ron to have me on the show, and the videos we produced together a few years back for my business.

So grab your favorite beverage, and either sit back and relax, or get some work done while you listen, but I hope you enjoy the stories.



 Here´s "Yosemite Range of Light", my recent timelapse piece which has gone viral and reached over a million people.


 This is the main promo piece Ron helped me create for my business.



Ron also helped me make the 2 following videos to help promote specialized aspects of my business.


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