Eureka Sand Dunes Adventure ~ Outdoor Lifestyle Photography

Friday, March 11th, 2011 at 9:57pm - Lifestyle

Living in the awe inspiring Owens Valley between the majestic Sierra Nevada and the towering White Mountains, with places like Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks so close, it can be easy to overlook the remote desolate Death Valley National Park, the largest National Park outside of Alaska. Yet just an hour and a half from my home, lie the Eureka Sand Dunes. Rising between 670-750 feet above the desert below, and dwarfed by the colorful and striated Last Chance Mountain Range, they are North America´s 2nd biggest sand dunes after Great Sand DunesNational Park in Colorado.  


A few days ago my great friends Mike and Ashley and I went out to explore and hopefully have a little adventure.  We climbed up the dunes and traversed the knife edge summit ridge having so much fun along the way.  It was a gorgeous day with amazing clouds and fantastic light, so I couldn´t stop shooting.  I´ve selected a few of my favorites below.  Which ones do you like best??

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 You can watch a more complete story of the day in this slideshow below.  It is flash based so it won´t work on your Apple mobile devices, but go watch it on a computer, its worth it!


Las Vegas & Red Rocks ~ Travel Photography

Friday, December 17th, 2010 at 11:36pm - Lifestyle

 Last weekend I got to live a dream come true; I got to see Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds play live in Las Vegas.  It was amazing.  My friend Sarah met me for the show, and we got to explore Vegas and the surrounding canyons as well.  Red Rocks really is amazing, I love it out there.

Las Vegas Red Rocks Sarah : 1 of 35

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Approaching Winter Storm over South Lake ~ Outdoor Lifestyle Photography

Sunday, November 21st, 2010 at 6:54am - Lifestyle

 Friday at the end of the day my two friends Michael, Ashley, and I went up into the mountains for what may have been our last trip up for the year without snow gear.  We hiked around South Lake, and got to watch a winter storm move in.  It was awesome!! There was so much energy in the air, and the wind was howling.  I love moments like these :)

South Lake Winter Storm : 1 of 8

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Playing and Bouldering in Rock Creek Canyon ~ Outdoor Lifestyle Photography

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 2:08pm - Lifestyle

A few weeks ago my friend sean Jones came through with our friend Graham and 4 kids, Lily, M´so, Persephone, and Summer.  They were finishing up a roadtrip across the desert from Colorado on their way to Yosemite.  After a day at the Buttermilks, we all came up to Rock Creek Canyon for a day of playing in the creek and climbing on the boulders.

Rock Creek Kids Climbing : 1 of 23

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"Kundalini Canto" is written and performed by Jim O´Meally and is available as a royalty free music download at Shawn Reeder

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Yoga & Bouldering at the Druids ~ Bishop Lifestyle Photography

Friday, April 16th, 2010 at 5:34pm - Lifestyle

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my friend Holly asking if I wanted to go hiking for the afternoon.  I had been at the computer all day, and so I jumped at the opportunity to get outside and get the blood pumping with a friend.  We hiked up to the Druid Stones which sit on a finger of a ridge sticking out from the Sierra perched 1500 feet above and overlooking the entire Owens Valley.  Needless to say it is very special up there, and incredibly dramatic.  There also happen to be a collection of amazing boulders up there, so we had fun playing around, climbing a bit, and once the sun started to light up the clouds a little bit, I thought it would make for some gorgeous pictures.  So Holly graciously climbed up onto a big boulder and we got some awesome shots of her doing some yoga poses.  I love when a simple walk out in nature with a friend allows for us to create some beautiful art together.

Holly Druids Yoga : 1 of 12

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We also got some fun shots of Holly bouldering.  The rock up there is very similar to the Buttermilks, which means its awesome!!

Holly Druids Bouldering : 1 of 10

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Abbie´s Fire Perfromance Art ~ Outdoor Lifestyle Photography

Sunday, March 28th, 2010 at 10:42am - Lifestyle

On Friday night I got together with my dear friend Abbie and we got some really cool shots of her spinning fire.  It is absolutely amazing what she does, and the thought of trying to capture something with so much movement, grace, and elegance in an image was daunting; but I was stoked for the challenge. 

And a challenge it was, this was one of the hardest shoots I´ve done in a long time, and it took a few hours of shooting before I really found a groove myself and started getting some images I was psyched on.  It was quite a process of trying lots of different things, and then failing, and trying again, and failing, and again, and then oh wait, I think this looks pretty cool!!

It took many attempts of trying and failing before I started getting the right combination of settings; a shutter speed to catch the movement, but not too long to where the streaks would be a big fuzz and Abbie´s movement would make her a blob of light only, the right aperture and iso to have enough depth of field yet allow as much light in as possible to capture some of the ambient from the half moon we had.

It almost reminded me more of a movie shoot, as I quickly realized to capture in images the beauty Abbie was displaying live in front of me, that I needed to direct her so we could have her be still enough for 1 second exposures and within her dancing stay in a focus safe area.  So we set up marks on the ground for her to be able to stay within an area I could hold focus on, and she did an amazing job of holding still while maintaining the flow of the fire.  Plus we learned that certain aspects of her performance fared better to images than other aspects, so we focused on those and ended up getting some fantastic images.

First we started out in front of my cabin by the pond to get some reflections and make sure we could get some images in the first place as the winds had been ripping all day and that´s not good for spinning fire, yet it was strangely calm by the pond.  The reflections ended up being really cool, and we learned a lot before heading out into the desert.

abbie fire k : 1 of 12

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We then headed up to the Buttermilks, where we found an overhang of rock that helped block the wind, and framed the mountains beautifully while also reflecting the fire light and a warm glow back on to Abbie.  Having the half moon was incredible as it gave us just enough light to light the mountains, yet wasn´t so bright that it eclipsed the stars.  We were both blown away at how beautiful it was and the images turned out incredible.

Do you have any favorites???  Please vote on all your favs and leave us a comment with your thoughts and feelings.  We´d love to hear from you : )

Abbie Fire Buttermilks : 1 of 12

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Xavi ~ Bishop Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Saturday, January 16th, 2010 at 9:11pm - Lifestyle

I went out with my friends Desiree and Zeke to the Buttermilks yesterday, and got some really fun shots with their boy Xavi.  When Desiree called saying she wanted to get shots of Xavi, I was stoked.  Xavi and I had a great time together, and checked out all kinds of spots around the Buttermilks.  Xavi likes to climb on the rocks and run around and be outside.  I was really surprised at how mature he is for a strapping young 3 going on 4 year old.

Thank you so much Xavi, Desiree, Zeke, and Ami.  I had a great time with you all.  Enjoy the images!!

Xavi : 1 of 20

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Arnold Family - Mammoth Lakes Lifestyle Portraits

Sunday, November 29th, 2009 at 12:11pm - Lifestyle

Earlier this fall my dear friends Chad and Melissa were in Mammoth for a wedding with their new little girl Maddy, and they asked me if I could do some family photography for them. I was honored; these are some of my favorote people!  We had a gorgeous morning out by the Hayden Cabin the day after Brenda and Dan´s mammoth wedding.  Maddy is just adorable and has such personality and was so much fun to get pictures with.  Melissa and Chad, thank you so much for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments and memories for you.  You are awesome.



Arnold Family II : 1 of 25

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"Here With Me" is performed by Paul Alvaran and is available as a royalty free music download at Shawn Reeder

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Lauren - Lifestyle Portraits

Friday, November 20th, 2009 at 12:19am - Lifestyle

A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend and she commisioned me to capture soime images of her niece, who was visiting from Canada.  Lauren has a beauiful spirit and we had a good time

Lauren : 1 of 16

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Michael Schweitzer in Yosemite ~ Lifestyle Photography

Friday, May 1st, 2009 at 9:29pm - Lifestyle

While I was in Yosemite this past week, my friend Michael Schweitzer flew out from Colorado to work on a project with me.  We´re making a film this year, and this was our first shooting for it. We´re making a modern day musical about a guy who goes to Yosemite and gets his life changed.  It´ll metaphorically tell the story of so many of our friends.  We´re super excited about this, and it will feature Mike´s music and singing and playing.  He´s such an incredibly talented musician, and has royalty free songs available on  Just wanted to share a couple stills I got while we were filming.  Which is your favorite?  Hope you´re having a wonderful day.

Michael Schweitzer River : 1 of 7

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You can purchase prints or digital downloads here if you would like.  Mike is going to be famous one of these days, so these could turn into collectors pieces you know, .

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